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To tong or not to tong: that is the question

By Ashok Captain

Viper rattlensnake skeleton

If there is one question we at IndianSnakes are getting asked a lot lately, it is: do we recommend snake hooks or tongs for rescuing snakes? 

WhatsApp for a cause: to help snake bite victims

By: Jose Louies, Founder, IndianSnakes

The IndianSnakes WhatsApp helpline for snakes and snake bite victims at work

“It’s a beautiful day to save lives.”

Balduram cobra bite patient - Anjili Health care centre
Balduram after recieving treatment for snake bite at AHC

It’s a beautiful day to save lives.”   This line is familiar to all those who are TV addicts. However this line is soon becoming a reality for the nuns at the Anjali Health Care Centre. They had occasion to say it on the morning on May 21 when they saved a man’s life from a cobra bite. 

Venom, Anti-venom and Alternative Medicines by Kedar Bhide

I have been tagged, asked for comments and emailed by friends asking about the Pinak tablet- the first Ayurveda anti-venom medicine. I have great respect for Ayurveda and I believe it may be helpful as a supportive treatment for patients who are recovering from a venomous snake bite. But at this moment there is no conclusive data on it.