About Indiansnakes.org : Website on snakes of India

This is a meeting place for all those who are interested in Snakes of India. Members can share their Photos, Videos, Rescue experiences, Snake bite cases and all related matters to understand them better for their conservation and positive relations with humans.

We support balance between ethical, sensitive and scientific way of treatment.

We do not encourage the following activities:
- New group of rescue and training of rescue / capturing of snakes.
- Snake breeding or its knowledge.
- Snake handling or misbehaving photos.
- Photos downloaded from the internet specially those without any particular reason to post for discussion.
- Snake bite treatment by commenting on symptoms.

The Admins and other members expect the following practices:
- Location and other details of the content.
- Humble, curious, supportive and measured response.
- Discussions that are scientific and educative in nature.

We feel there are a number of repeated questions frequently asked by new members. Before posting any old and common question please do check old posts by searching group with related keywords to save the time and efforts of others.

Thank You,

Jose Louies