Andaman Pit Viper ( Trimeresurus andersonii Theobald, 1868 )

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Scientific Name: 
Trimeresurus andersonii (Theobald, 1868)
Regional Names: 
Andaman Pit Viper, Anderson's Pit Viper
Full body description of light colour form.
Found only in Andaman, Little Andaman and Car Nicobar Islands.
Venom Type: 

Average length- 60cm.
Maximum length- 110cm.

Dorsal -
Body somewhat slender, covered with highly keeled scales. Upper body color variable; olive yellow-brown with dark brown mosaic like markings, yellowish-brown or gray with indistinct dark brown or black edged scales, dark purplish, brown or black.

Ventral -
Belly color mostly yellowish-brown with dark or faint squarish blotches of dark brown, white or yellow color depending on dorsal color. Subcaudal scales paired.

Head -
Head triangular, covered with very small smooth scales; clearly broader than neck. Patternless on top and upper lip color similar to belly color and variable. Eyes have vertically elliptical pupil.

Tail -
Prehensile and rather short tail ends with a pointed tip. Indistinct or distinct spots present above and below.

Supralabial 10-12; first partially or completely fused with nasal; two or three rows of scales between supralabial and elongated subocular; supraocular entire, broader than neighbouring scales; 9-12 scales between eyes.
Keeled scales in 23/25: 21/23/25: 17/19 rows.
170-182 (Male, 172-185 (Female); anal usually undivided.
Sub Caudal: 
66-78 (Male), 50-62 (Female); paired.
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