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Thank you for visiting the site. This website is a collective effort of various people who contributed their expertise voluntarily towards creating awareness about snakes and snake conservation across the country. The team consists of professionals from the field of Wildlife Conservation, Software Industry, Photography & Management. All of us work together as a group with specific roles to play and tasks to complete.


“Co-existence of serpents and people across the world “


“Conserve snakes in their natural habitat and reduce human mortality from snake bites through research, education & outreach activities “

Our Five year goals ( 2010 : 2015 )

1. Create an online database of Snakes of India.
2. Conduct / facilitate awareness workshops on snakes and snake bites.
3. Promote ethical and legal rescue and handling of snakes & an online database of snake rescuers across the country.
4. Build a network of snake bite treatment experts across the country.
5. Provide email / on phone assistance to people on various snake related issues.
6. Provide a platform for students, researchers and naturalists to collect scientific data and facilitate study of different species of snakes.

Our final goal is to have a global website and information management tool (mobile apps which can be used as ready reference even when one is offline) for the snakes of the world which will be maintained by a global network of experts.

Core team @ Indiansnakes :

Snake Identification, Photos and Data Management : Vivek Sharma
Site Management : Raj Pawan G
Team Lead : Jose Louies

Brief History of the website : 2010-2013

The domain was registered by Jose Louies ( in 2008, but the site became operational only on 1st Jan 2010. The beginning was modest with only eight species listed on the website and a Facebook group “Indiansnakes” to bring like minded people together.

Jose is a ‘strayed into the wild’ IT professional who quit his corporate job in the IT industry and took up wildlife conservation as a career. Vivek Sharma ( who joined within 2 weeks of forming the Indiansnakes Facebook group has grown up being an expert snake handler and is a Masters in Zoology. While Jose took charge of the coding of the site, Vivek was instrumental in compiling photographs, related data and developed the content for the site.


The website became one of the leading portals on snakes with more than 400 visitors per day on the website from all over the world.

The much needed IT and moral support came from Ramkrishna Mission, Shivanahalli ( Mr. Murali S and Raj Pawan G are both IT experts and provide the essential guidance in our mission. They are developing a CMS based website and mobile applications for the mobile platform. The conversion of the website from the static one to a dynamic site and the launch of the iOS app on the 2nd of October 2013 at Ramakrishan Mission, Shivanahalli have been the most important milestones we have achieved so far.

There are many like minded people who have helped us by contributing photographs. Without the help of our esteemed supporters this website would not have been possible. All the photographs contributed to our website have been free of cost and this donation has helped us build a credible database of Indian snakes.

Our Facebook group "Indian Snakes" has crossed the 18K members mark and is the largest group on snakes on Facebook. The group is very active with daily postings and field discussions on snake related issues. We are also active on Twitter as @Indiansnakes.

Jose Louies