Good rescue equipment are a must for everyone those who handle snakes. We at worked on our own rescue equipment designs and got a friend to manufacture them professionally. You can buy the equipment directly from the supplier with an assurance of quality and usefulness from us.

26" & 18 " Stainless steel Snake hooks with spotless finishing. Stainless steel & Cotton Snake bag.

One large and a small snake hook made of stainless steel with PVC handle grip & Snake rescue bag (cotton) mounted on stainless steel frame.

The complete kit price is Rs. 2800 /- for all three items together. Individual item prices on request only.

Guys, the deal is simple, you get professional snake handling equipment for an affordable price here. We can assure you that these tools don't fail you when you actually need it during a snake rescue. Count on us for after sales support such as replacement of hooks, supply of new hook mounts of various designs etc..

Write a mail to to place an order for the equipment.