Everything you need to know about snake bites!

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By Shaleen Attre

snake bite first aid prevention

On 23 September 2016, a workshop was organised in Jaipur on Wildlife Management, Rescue of Reptiles and Small Mammals by Hope and Beyond, IndianSnakes, EWCS and Forestry Training Institute. Conducted at the institute itself, the workshop attended by over 80 people- forest department, NGOs and enthusiasts- dealt with many topics including an introduction to the common mammals and snakes of Rajasthan, rescue of reptiles and laws and illegal wildlife trade.

Snake bite management was also one of the topics extensively discussed and there were many questions about the first aid that should be administered to the affected person as opposed to certain methods which have been in use for many years. We also showcased the brilliant film on '4 Deadliest Snakes of India- A Survival Guide', made by the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust, narrated by Romulus Whitaker himself. With over 45000 human deaths every single year, and countless snakes killed in retaliation, there can never be enough emphasis on this topic.

Last year, IndianSnakes prepared a presentation with the help of snake bite experts which give a comprehensive view of facts and first-aid of snake bites as well as how to avoid them. You may view the presentation here. It’s also up on our Facebook page. Do share so that more and more people know the what to do in case of a snake bite.

snake bite first aid prevention

If you wish to use the above image and want to translate it into a local language for awareness purposes, contact us at shaleen@indiansnakes.org and jose@indiansnakes.org. We are more than happy for it to be used for awareness purposes.

Moments from the workshop:

workshop jaipur snakes mammals rescue snake bite

​workshop jaipur snakes mammals rescue snake bite​workshop jaipur snakes mammals rescue snake bite

About the author:

Shaleen Attre is a Senior Project Consultant and Project Coordinator with IndianSnakes.