A tribute to Dr. Bhupathy Subramanian, Principal Scientist & Head, SACON.

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Disclaimer: Picture downloaded from the Deccan Chronicle website. Follow the link for more details on his untimely death:



A tribute to a great scientist and a better human being


The tragic death of Subramaniam Bhupathy is a drastic loss not only to his family and friends but to the field of herpetology in India. His amazingly detailed work on the ecology of pythons at Bharatpur and his promotion of the School in Herpetology stand out as landmarks in modern Indian herpetology. We will all very much miss this quietly effective solid friend.

Rom Whitaker, Herpetologist and Conservationist


Dr. Bhupathy's  untimely, tragic death will be a great loss to SACON and to conservation. The nation should wake to the huge contribution of field biologists, naturalists and scientists who run unprecedented risks everyday of their lives, yet are seldom recognised as nation-builders.

Bittu Sahgal, Editor, Sanctuary Asia


In his death India has lost a fine herpetologist. RIP my friend.

Vivek Menon, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Wild Life Trust of India (WTI)


Dr. S. Bhupathy was one of the names I use to hear and read when I started my work on herpetofauna in 2001. I was always curios to meet this person because he had done some pioneering work on turtle and tortoises in India and Pythons in Bharatpur. Apart from this he was also associated with leading the conservation organisation in India, BNHS, WII and SACON. I first met him in one of the sea turtle conferences and we were constantly in touch on various issues relating to herpetology. He was a wonderful human being. Always jolly and supportive to many researchers like me. I also appreciate his work on community ecology of reptiles in India. To my knowledge, he was the only one doing it. A mentor in the true sense, he was deeply associated with the School of Herpetology, which is one of the good initiatives in India for the new comers. His untimely death has left a deep impact on the Indian Herpetology research work. I am sure; his work is like a landmark for many new researchers.

Dr Varad B. Giri, Senior Scientist, Western Ghats Regional Station, Bombay Natural History Society, Mumbai.


It is with great shock and despair that I accepted the sad demise of one of our senior naturalists and herpetologists Dr Bhupathy and let it sink in. His demise has left a void that will be difficult to fill for a long time to come. Dr Bhupathy, we your students, your followers and more importantly your reptiles and other lesser denizens of the forests will miss you always.'

Nirmal U Kulkarni, Herpetologist and Wildlife Photographer, Member, Goa State Wildlife Advisory Board


That was indeed shocking to know about Dr. Bhupathy, my former colleague at BNHS. Soft spoken and always smiling whenever we met . A great loss to us. My heartfelt condolences to his family !

Isaac Kehimkar, General Manager (Programmes), BNHS.


My contact with Dr. Bhupathy was not much old, with 4 month email conversation history this person made me his fan with his humbleness, always replying to each query with detailed solutions and offering his support for every work related to wildlife and academic programs. Before our interaction, I knew him for his praise worthy work on the ecology of various reptiles of the Indian subcontinent but after our communication, I found him to be an essential human resource for knowledge enrichment of the next generations to come. It will always be my misfortune of not being able to meet such a modest person who was friendly and also a mentor with deep subject knowledge and patience to resolve every query coming his way. Dr. Bhupathy’s void cannot be filled. This is a great loss to his family, colleagues, students and ecological studies.

Vivek Sharma, MSc Zoology,



Dr Bhupathy’s demise is indeed a great loss to the scientific community. He was a forerunner in his field. The best tribute we can give him is to take his work forward. RIP.

Jose Louies, Founder and Wildlifer



I did not know Dr Bhupathy Subramanian personally and yet his tragic loss hurts. I know many people who worked closely with him. And each one of them sing praise of his unmatched humility. Never heard of a “humble” top scientist. But then Dr Bhupathy was a unique individual. Not just the scientific world but everyone who knew him in any capacity will feel his loss for years to come. Such is the persona of a philanthropic soul. Rest in Peace! Light and prayers to his family, friends, colleagues and students.

Priyanka Kadam, Project Lead.