Yellow-Belly Worm-Eating Snake ( Trachischium tenuiceps Blyth, 1854 )

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Scientific Name: 
Trachischium tenuiceps (Blyth, 1854)
Full body description. Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, Arunachal Pradesh
Found in hills of North-east region from Nepal to Arunachal Pradesh. Also found in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet (China).
Characteristics for identification: 

It can be identified by checking yellow or orange belly in life, 2 prefrontals and 13 mid body rows.


Maximum length- 37cm.

Dorsal -
Body cylindrical with shiny and subequal smooth scales. Dorsal color dark brown or blackish in adults; light brown with dark edge on scales to form longitudinal lines.

Ventral -
Belly color bright yellow or orange; underside of tail mottled below with brown mesial line.

Head -
Head depressed on snout; not broader than neck. Upper lip color brown or lighter than rest of head which is patternless. Eyes with rounded pupil.

Tail -
Short length tail ends with conical tip.

Supralabial 6; 3rd & 4th in contact with eyes; prefrontals 2, preocular 1; loreal 1, postocular 2, rarely united; temporal 1+1 or 1+2.
Smooth scales in 13: 13: 13 rows without apical pits.
125-140; anal undivided.
Sub Caudal: 
28-42; paired.
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