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Yellow-spotted Wolf Snake

Yellow-spotted Wolf Snake is a rare species of Lycodon (genus of Wolf Snakes) found in dry parts of central-western peninsular India and few localities of Western Ghats. Before description it was assumed to be a color variety of Common Wolf Snake (L. aulicus) but later Wall in 1907 described it as a different species after taking specimens from Dharwad, Pune, Sangli etc.


Hump-Nosed Pit Viper

Nocturnal and terrestrial, found in Evergreen to dry deciduous forest. mostly spotted under rocks,dry leaves and under logs with its head angled upwards. Excellently camouflaged. Juvenile wriggles tail to lure prey.

Indian Smooth Snake

Indian Smooth Snake is an uncommonly seen snake found in dry and warmer plains of Central-western India excluding deserts. Due to its very general looking of typical snake (grayish-brown body having almost no patterns, medium size) it has been unknown for many areas for long time. In recent years due to keen interest in serpent fauna of ignored parts this species is sighted in many areas for first time.

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