Kraits of India

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Blue-lipped Sea Krait

Average length- 80cm
Maximum length- 107cm

Yellow-lipped Sea Krait

Yellow-lipped Sea Krait is the most widely distributed Sea krait (of genus Laticauda) which is found mainly in Islands of its range. In Andaman & Nicobar Islands and other parts of its range it can be seen crawling on coasts at night time.

Lesser Black Krait

Lesser Black Krait is an uncommon Bungarus (Krait) found in North-east region of Indian subcontinent. This species is one very important medically significant venomous snake of its range.

North-eastern Hill Krait

Total length- 140 cm (Male), 100 cm (Female)

Dorsal -
Body slender with shiny smooth scales, vertebral scales larger than adjacent dorsals and of hexagonal shaped. Dorsal color black or blackish-brown with series of white or yellow cross bands. These bands may be faint or absent on neck.

Ventral -
Belly color brownish or light grayish-blue with dorsal bands continues in broader form or distinct transverse bars.

Common Krait

Common Krait is an infamous venomous snake capable for delivering neurotoxic bite during night time. This is one of the most common medically significant snake also the member of "Big Four" of India.

Black Krait

Greater Black Krait is a Bungarus (Krait) found in North-east region of Indian subcontinent. Greater Black Krait is one of the most medically significant venomous species of its range and causes fatalities if its bite is not treated well.

Banded Krait

Banded Krait is the largest and most widely distributed species of Bungarus (genus of Kraits) found in South-east Asia. India is western-most country of this snake's distribution. It is known for feeding on all kind of snakes near water bodies with excellent command on swimming and foraging.

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