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Nicobar Pit Viper

Kaulback’s Lance-Headed Pit Viper

Total length 134 cm (Male), 141 cm (Female) mm; tail length 22.5 cm (Male), 23 cm (Female).

Hump-Nosed Pit Viper

Nocturnal and terrestrial, found in Evergreen to dry deciduous forest. mostly spotted under rocks,dry leaves and under logs with its head angled upwards. Excellently camouflaged. Juvenile wriggles tail to lure prey.

Andaman Cobra

Common Krait

Common Krait is an infamous venomous snake capable for delivering neurotoxic bite during night time. This is one of the most common medically significant snake also the member of "Big Four" of India.

Banded Krait

Banded Krait is the largest and most widely distributed species of Bungarus (genus of Kraits) found in South-east Asia. India is western-most country of this snake's distribution. It is known for feeding on all kind of snakes near water bodies with excellent command on swimming and foraging.

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